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Close Protection / Tour Management

With the current climate as it is, there has never been more of a need for personnel protection, ranging from the everyday business man to high profile public figures. Covering all aspects of close protection ranging from operational planning of everyday business movements, residential home protection, overseas travel and show / band tours covering the international stage, tour management – Incognito can and does deliver the bespoke service you/your VIP require.

All close protection operatives used on any contract are SIA licensed, this also includes all of the Operations Team and the company Directors. Incognito Security Ltd works to all the corners of the world and leaves no stone unturned in the execution of its duties.

As a company growing within the close protection community we have been carrying out a great deal of European advance and band security tasks also covering countries such as Australia, USA, Russia & South Africa just to name a few. 

If your require any more information please submit a enquiry form on our contact us page or call +44 (0)203 744 9070.

Vehicle Patrols and Residential Security (RST)

Residential Security Patrols could be the solution that finally gives you the peace of mind you are searching for with regards to household / neighbourhood safety issues, encroachment of feral youths and the targeting of affluent neighbourhoods. This has made the sight of security patrols more and more frequent. A down side to some of the patrol services on the market is that they may be re-active rather than pro-active. The patrol could well cover an area that is too large or indeed simply re-routed by a control centre after an event has been reported.

Incognito Security Limited does NOT operate in this method as it is our opinion that these style of patrols are of no extra benefit to the householder’s peace of mind. It is our belief that a patrol vehicle should only cover an area that will allow a rapid response and assistance. Designated telephone numbers will allow the householder access not only to the HQ control centre but also to the actual patrol vehicle. With the patrol vehicle in close proximity at all times it means the response time will be far faster than some of the other companies around.

If you require 24 hr security then we can supply trained residential security staff. On site staff allows for very frequent checks to the surrounding site checking and patrolling security integrity and this will serve as a clear indicator to anyone in the area that a constant security presence exists. Incognito will tailor and deliver the service you require and give you back that peace of mind that you deserve when you leave the house or lay your head down to sleep.

If your require any more information please submit a enquiry form on our contact us page or call +44 (0)203 744 9070.