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Asset Protection & Transportation Logistics

The Transport Logistics Team at Incognito Security Ltd both operate and offer Asset Protection within the UK, Eire, Mainland Europe and beyond to numerous clients and have done so successfully for in excess of 15 years. Incognito Security prides itself on consistently delivering a tailored operational solution which suites all of your business needs and maintains the highest level of safety for all concerned.

 Air Freight, Sea Freight or Road Haulage movement we ensure from start to finish that everything runs as smoothly as possible and always in contact with our clients giving them a piece of mind whilst looking after their business. Whether your need is that of security personnel to be present as part of the delivery service or are simply looking to choose a reliable supplier to deliver your goods, courteously, safely and in a timely manner then Incognito Security Ltd would be delighted to hear from you.

Our ISL Logistics team can provide methodically planned solutions for urgent shipments / specials that need to be moved within the UK, Eire or Mainland Europe. Due to our experience within this business Incognito Security Ltd is proud of the speed at which it can effectively deploy the correct resources to fulfil our clients’ requirements.

All operatives are fully vetted for role suitability. A member of the operational management team will be assigned to each individual contract this enables us to do regular site visits, a firm commitment to regular client liaison and service monitoring ensures that the best standards are kept to at all times.

If you require any more information please submit an enquiry form on our contact us page or call +44 (0)203 744 9070.